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Since there are a lot of scams out there I think its important you hear from some of my past customers and see some of our stars! I think it is so importanat to have a dog in the office,schools,nursing homes,rehab facilities. Really anywhere! Dogs can bring so much comfort!

Danielle Marciniak: Working with Kelly of Chicago Goldendoodles was great from the beginning. I appreciated that she allowed us to meet Riley before we decided to purchase a puppy. She was  flexible with meeting times abd with a full time job was helpful. We absolutely love our Cooper. He is smart, sweet and adorable. The vet has been very happy with his health. If we were going to get another goldendoodle in the future we would purchase from Kelly again!

Kathie  Costa: Kelly was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Kelly was very involved, caring and passionate. Allie is our 2nd goldendoodle. She is a medium size vs. tall, lengthy and skinny. She is very smart n so funny.

Rob Lightfoot: What a great experience. I must have bugged Kelly with 200 questions and she always replied with laugh and an answer. Grateful I found them

Hi Kelly,


Hector, our managing broker and owner here at Open Path Realty brings Mario into the office regularly. Mario is a quick learner and soon learned all of Hector's trade secrets. In the attached photos, you can see Mario working hard and looking surprised being caught in action. He is actually our star agent here at Open Path Realty!

mario hectors pup.jpg

I'm Introducing Miss Auggie May! Born 7/4/2017. She is a loving pup and wants to be in the center of it all. She has an older GoldenDoodle Sibling that is 13 and they are the best of pals along with a Plott Hound that is 7 yrs old what a great crew.


Kelly is the best at what she does. She is informative from the start of your search, the signing up for the wait of the litter, the birth of your fur-baby, and pictures along the way until you get to meet the one that you will will love, then the big day you take that fur-baby home.  You will be in the best of hands. She does profession a great honor on ethics of matching her dogs, screening her people, and loving them all until they leave for their forever homes. You will not go wrong on  your choice of Chicago Goldendoodles. 

Dee VanDen Driessche

Auggie Mae.jpeg

Ollie is doing great! In fact he went to the vet this morning for his final round of puppy shots and he is weighing just over 25 lbs! The vet said he’s in perfect health and just looks great. 


He’s attended a 5 week “puppy preschool” and graduated! He will be enrolled in puppy kindergarten next month and then will be ready for regular obedience training. He is the hit of the neighborhood and everyone loves him. I’m working from home, but I included a pic from about a week ago. I got up for a minute and came back to find him in front of my laptop as if he was working. 😂 He is such a joy and my entire family just adores him! Lisa Telfer

Ollie telfer.jpg

Good Morning Kelly!

I love your new website and saw that Chloe Rose is the first pup in your pictures! She is such a bundle of joy! She is smart, playful and so sweet! She makes us laugh on a daily basis.

She weighed 15.6 last week and is growing up fast!  We love her soft, smooth wavy coat and we love that she doesn't shed. We love to snuggle with her and she loves her tummy rubs!

Working with you from the start was the best experience.  You are an excellent breeder from every standpoint.  Your love and compassion for all your dogs was evident from the beginning. And, I appreciated that any time I texted you with a question you got back to me immediately.  Never did I feel like I was wasting your time or bothering you. 

This was a great experience and I am so lucky that I found you.  You are the best!


chloe penney pup.jpg

Hi! Here’s Finn - he’s doing great!

He’s holding steady around 50lbs and is non-shedding. 😊 A few of his favorite things are: meeting new dogs or people, belly rubs, playing with big plush toys, and snuggling up on the couch.

We got our boy, Finn, from Chicago Goldendoodles, and couldn’t be happier! Working with Kelly was a great experience. It was apparent that she takes great pride in what she does and works hard to find great homes for each of the puppies! The application process was thorough and really allowed the opportunity to ask any questions we had. We were grateful that we didn’t feel rushed on the day we went to pick out Finn, and enjoyed the opportunity to take our time and choose the pup that we felt was best for us! Kelly was quick to respond to communication regarding the adoption and also displayed an invested interest in Finn’s well-being after he was here in his new home. We couldn’t be more happy with our new family member - his temperament and personality are unmatched.

-Megan and Josef


I highly recommend Chicago Goldendoodles if you’re looking for a breeder.  What I appreciate about Kelly, the owner is her professionalism, and that she promptly responds to my phone calls and emails.  When we visited her house to choose our puppy,  I noticed that her house is immaculate and the puppys and dogs were active and healthy.  They’re all so cute!  It was hard to choose.  We are the proud parents of Bailey, 1 year, and Gracie, 4 months.  They are wonderful companions. Roslyn L


  Dexter is doing well.  

Kelly was so easy to work with when we got our Goldendoodle.  Even though she had 2 litters at once, her house was immaculate and you could tell instantly that she took really good care of all the dogs.  She was very patient when we asked a million questions because this was our first time getting a dog.  She never disappointed when my twins asked her to send pictures and videos of the litter when they were first born.  Even after we brought Dexter home, she checked in with us to hear how he was doing.  Dexter is an amazing addition to our family.  I would recommend Kelly any time!  Lori K.


Ruckus was born in December of 2016 to Riley. He weighs 57lbs, does not shed and is very healthy. We are so happy to have Ruckus in our family. He is the perfect mix of energetic and couch potato which is great for a busy family. 

We loved that Ruckus came from a house and had been socialized with children. He slept through the night after 1 night, never cried and was super easy to train. If we ever get another Goldendoodle we will go to Kelly for sure even if it means coming back to IL! 

Ruckus lobliner.jpg

 Barklee was one of Riley's pups, born 4.19.19. She's doing amazing! She is 47 lbs, and full of life! I highly recommend Kelly and Chicago Goldendoodles. She made the process of finding our new puppy a breeze! Barklee, our puppy, is now 1.5 yrs old. She is happy, healthy, and pure joy. We can't imagine life without her! Kelly was amazing to work with - very high integrity, takes great care of her pups and their litters, and was upfront with all costs and steps in the process. 

 Peggy Boyer


Brooks is a year and a half old - picture attached was on her birthday! She is about 40 lbs, and non-shedding. She is the light of our lives and we love her more and more each day! We can't imagine our lives without her <3 

Working with you was great, and so so easy! You worked with us every step of the way and made sure we were set to start our new lives as doodle parents! From sending picture and video updates, to your "go home" packet I felt like you gave us the best start! I also love so much that you play music/noise for the pups at night so they get comfortable with different sounds, our girl is fearless! 

 Thank you so much for our favorite girl!
Sarah & Matt Bannon

Brooks Bannon.jpg

Here's our recommendation:

We loved working with Kelly - I loved that she was not far from our house in suburban Chicago and runs a small operation out of her home that feels quaint and cozy.  It was easy to get in touch with Kelly and she gave me great advice on what to expect given she owns my dog's mom and grandma.  Our dog is almost 3 now and is amazingly healthy and good tempered.  She is no longer a puppy and has settled into being a complete delight - she is friendly, loves to cuddle and play and has a fantastic temperment.  She is also the a perfect size for our family.  I really did not know much about dogs or doodles when we started this process and could not be more thrilled and grateful that we found Kelly and have our dream dog.  

 Angela Blaising


We have an incredibly loving puppy thanks to Kelly of Chicago Goldendoodles!  Our all black male, Kobe, has been an amazing addition to our family. He loves to cuddle, play and eat. He is also great with our other 9 year old dog and fantastic with kids! We could not be more pleased with him. Kelly was an absolute delight to work with. We have had a lot of dogs in our lives and worked with many breeders but, hands down, Kelly of Chicago Goldendoodles is the absolute BEST! She truly cares & loves each of her puppies. She is not just about the bottom line, she wants each of her puppies to go to loving, caring and dog friendly homes and she does everything she can to insure her puppies are well cared for! You won’t go wrong with Chicago Goldendoodles! Here are a couple pics of our Kobe at about 3-3.5 months old!  Katie Cherry

Kobe Cherry.jpg
Kobe Cherry2.jpg

We love our goldendoodle, Frankie! He made our family complete the day we brought him home. He has been such a loyal and amazing companion to each of us. We are so glad we found Kelly Le Fevre at Chicago Goldendoodles. Working with her was such a pleasure, and she is very knowledgeable about the breed. She has made this such a great experience.

Frankie Bazzanella.jpeg.jpg

This is Marshmallo he is doing great. He is so smart and has lots of energy with my three boys. He gets so excited to see each of us everyday and has made our days so much better. He is healthy and very active. He is 16 months and weighs 50 pounds and doesn’t shed. We couldn’t imagine life without our Marsh. 

I loved working with Kelly. She was so helpful and patient with me from my initial phone call until we brought Marshmello home. We are so happy with our goldendoodle. He was a our first puppy and Kelly was wonderful. She answered all my questions and let me come by to see the puppies and hold them. I asked many questions and was very nervous. She calmed my nerves and walked me through everything. Sent us many videos and pictures while we waited to bring our puppy home. She is very patient and cares very much for each one of the puppies. She is easy to work with and has very useful information on her website. We had the best experience getting our first goldendoodle.  


~Karen Cook


This is Remi. She is from Riley’s litter that was born on 5/8/20020. We would love to see pics of her litter mates and see how they are all doing.


Remi is our first dog and such a lovable and happy addition to our family.


Working with Kelly was a breeze and I am so thankful for her and the smooth process. We will definitely be using her for any future additions to our family. Nisha


"We brought Moonshine home last fall! She is simply put the sweetest and most lovable dog. She is very well behaved, smart, and has the best personality!

 We strongly recommend Chicago Goldendoodles if you are looking to adopt. Kelly and her family were super supportive throughout the process and even let us meet Bentley (Moonshine's mom) before we decided to move forward with making a deposit. After meeting Bentley, we knew this was the dog & breeder we wanted to move forward with!

 Moonshine is now just a year old and around 42 lbs. She is our daughter's "partner in crime" and has brought so much joy & light into our lives.For the record, she is also super funny! She can open doors all on her own and currently has an obsession with stealing all my pumpkin decorations. 

 Good luck and love the new website!


Star String Lights

Here are some of our Stars!

Our stars are our pups that have done extra training and might have a job! Go to the office or therapy work. We love them all!

We love our goldendoodle, Rizzo! He has brought so much joy to our lives. He’s super sweet, smart, lovable and has the best disposition. We got him certified as an emotional support animal and he flies regularly with us to Florida. We can’t imagine our lives without him.

roxie 1.jpeg

I hope you are well.  
Roxie- born 5.15.20

Review- Roxie is the best pup we didn’t need.  She is the sweetest girl and is the best addition to our crazy family.  Kelly was so great to work with and answered all our questions.  She made time for us no matter what we asked and continues to be available for follow up questions.  Our vet thought we were crazy to get a second dog, after our first appointment she shared she is watching her because she loves her temperament and behavior, she might be her next dog too!  

Special-  Roxie is a bundle of fun.  She passed her puppy class at 14 weeks.  She does great with sit, come and look.  She still needs some work but next stop therapy training once she reaches one.  

roxie 2.jpeg


 Back in July I picked up my coal black Goldendoodle from you.  She has turned out to be a very active little rascal whose nickname is “Devil Dog”.   Her real name is Maggie.  She was 8.5 pounds when we picked her up and two weeks ago she weighed 20 pounds.  Now she is getting bigger and can do even more damage.  J  She has very sharp teeth especially her incisors.  The back of my hands are forever scarred. Add to this she seems to be very smart and has a great aptitude for inciting and enforcing rituals.  Before I got her I thought she would either keep me  young or kill me and I am not yet sure what the answer is.  J

 She now ‘works’ at our office and so we get about half of what we should be getting done, done.  She seems to be interested in learning how to use the computer for her own purposes.  She loves playing with the mouse and chewing on just about everything else. 

 Eventually, I plan to take her to obedience school which begins on October 4th.

 Next week I will call you to ask about grooming.

 Congratulations on your website!

 John Goddard

Maggie Goddard.jpg

This is Teddie.    Teddie has been such a good dog from the beginning and we just celebrated her first birthday!!  Teddie has such a great temperament about her. I strongly believe that's because Kelly does what's best to produce the best puppies. Kelly at Chicago Golden Doodles is so wonderful to work with. Teddie has been a great addition to our family.  I can't believe we didn't do it sooner. Teddie is the greeter at Sign Fx in Sugar Grove IL.


Emma Ebert  

Teddy at work.jpg

WAAAAY to hard to chose one photo of this little lady.   She just keeps getting better!

So lucky to find her through your breeding company.   Best temperament and personality ever.  She has and still does bring our family Big Smiles!! Her job is entertaining 11 kids! 

Krista H.

Bailey Haberkorn5.PNG
Bailey Haberkorn6.PNG
bailey Haberkorn3.PNG
Bailey Haberkorn2.PNG
Bailey haberkorn.PNG

Maggie Zuzu goes to work with me every day. That's because I own a home daycare. We specifically wanted a Goldendoodle because of their nature with children and no shedding.  We couldn't have picked a better dog! She doesn't shed at all and is amazing with all my daycare kiddos.  She really thinks she's one of the kids. She is almost a year old and weighs just over 40 pounds.   Kelly was awesome throughout the whole process. She really listened to and answered all of my questions and concerns.  You can tell she really loves what she does because it shows   in every step.  Maggie brings  so much joy into our home. Thanks Kelly! 

maggie zuzu1.png
maggie zuzu2.jpg

Here is Gracie getting a shot for a Purina Commercial

Gracie taking break on set.PNG
Gracie on set 2.JPG

Peaches, daughter of Oliver&Penny is doing great! Happiest and most affectionate of all our dogs. Loves her family and playing with her friends. Weighs 38 lbs. Is princess of vacation household among our four granddaughters.  Since she spends Winters in Arizona desert, Peaches has completed full course of Rattlesnake Avoidance training! Knows how to recognize and warn for smell, sight, sound(rattle sound alarm) rattlesnakes. Since she spends summer sailing on Lake Superior, she has learned safety rules for being on boat. Glenn & Celeste Forbes


I’ve known Kelly for a long time and before deciding to get a dog, we would visit her puppy litters to play and help socialize them before they went to their forever homes. We saw first hand what a great job she did with her own dogs and the puppies she would get ready for new homes. When we were finally ready for a dog of our own, we knew we would get a dog from her and we’re fortunate to partner with her to get the perfect addition to our family, while being a part of her guardian program. Oliver came from Riley’s 5/28/18 litter of 7 boys. He is a 50Ib, wavy haired bundle of love. He Is as smart as he is cute- he earned his CGC when he was only 8 months old! He loves to show off his many skills, he‘s trained to walk off-leash, loves to play ball, is great with kids and new people and has brought so much fun and happiness into our home! He might be slightly spoiled, too...  He was a first time dad last winter and his puppies are just as beautiful as he is! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to get a goldendoodle and we wouldn’t use anyone but Kelly and Chicago Goldendoodles!  ❤️🐶🐾

Oliver with bandana.jpeg

Kelly is a fantastic breeder to work with. We have gotten a breeding dog from Kelly because she has such high quality dogs and does all the testing that a high quality breeder should. We have been so happy with Angel in our program and we have nothing but glowing reviews from her puppy owners. Angel scored excellent on her hip OFA and has passed all her genetic tests with flying colors. She is super smart, Non-shedding, and very obedient. She is an excellent specimen of the goldendoodle breed. Thank you for a great dog Kelly.  Violet A

angel violets.jpg
angel in the field.jpg
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