Taking Deposits Pups due in January and Spring

Two puppies available!!

Every Goldendoodle Puppy

      1. Comes with a two year Health Guarantee (see Our Philosophy page)

      2. Dewclaws are removed at a couple days old

      3. Vet checked

      4. Three rounds of deworming and 1-2 rounds of parasite control

      5. They are sent home with a snuggle puppy with moms scent on it         and it has a heart beat.

      6. Free 30 days of Pet Insurance

Litter 1

Bentley has been bred to Woody. She is due Jan 1st. These puppies will be 30-60lbs cream, or apricot in color. Some will be wavy and some will be curly This is a repeat breeding and everyone loves their pups from this match up! Pups are $3500 plus tax

Bentley is a miniature goldendoodle weighing in at 32lbs with a wavy coat. Her testing is on the our Dog page. She is so sweet and such a great Mom she loves all the puppies.

Bentleys waiting list:

1.Melissa d black wavy

2. John W cream curly

3.Vaness Gcream wavy male

4.. Beth B black curly

5.Ashley M apricot wavy female

6. Available Black curly female

Woody is a 60lb wavy CKC Registeerd Goldendoodle. My friend Terese was nice enough to let us use him. He is OFA Fair on Hips and  good Elbows. OFA normal on eyes and heart.

Litter 2

Penney has been bred to Bear he is an Austrailian Labradoodle. Puppies we guess will be 25-40 lbs. All puppies will be wavy. This is considered a Double Doodle Litter. She is due Jan 6th on my birthday! Pups will be $4000.00 plus tax

Waiting List:

1.Kelly - male  misty

2.Ellen A- female

3.Joe R- male

4. jill F- female

5.Gil L-female

6. Lia B-female

7. female available apricot

Bear is an Austrailian Labradoodle with a -/- coat it is so soft and non-shedding. He weighs 30lbs but can throw larger pups. He has EVET excellent hips and normal elbows. Eyes certified normal.

Litter 3

Teddy is the next to be bred. Teddy is a phantom Goldendoodle with a -/- coat. Super soft. Not sure yet who she will be bred too. 

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