Litter 1: Ivy to Cody  
Born 9/14/2021 
6 males 1 female


ivy pups.jpeg

Ivy  has been bred to Cody pups would be 50-70lbs is our guess Go home Nov 6th $3500 plus tax. 


Ivy is a gorgeous 63lb F1. She is the most friendly happy dog. She loves everyone and is happy to go on rides. Her guardian says" She is awesome! Easy to train and calm if you need her to be... like when I am working she lays on my feet and sleeps.

Ivys testing:

OFA Eyes normal

OFA Hart Normal

OFA Hips Fair

OFA elbows normal

Furnishings f/F

Negative for these disease

DM. GR-PRA 1 & @, ICH, MD, PRCD-PRA,News,vWD1

Ivy's waiting list

1.  Female-









Cody is a gorgeous 51 lb F2 Male home grown in our program. Everyone loves him and the owners get stopped frequently on their walks to find out where they go Cody has an incredible temperament. He has more patience than many people. He is full of love and while he is content to lay at your feet, he loves a good game of fetch or going on a long walk. Cody is used professionally as a therapy dog and he has an innate ability to level himself with the child’s energy—which is superb at immediately putting them at ease. He gets along easily with other dogs. He is also very smart, was easily trained and is extremely loyal. The best single word to describe Cody is “chill.”t him. Here is anote from his guardian "

Codys testing

OFA hips and ELbows Good

OFA eyes normal

OFA heart Normal

Furnishings F/F

Negative based on parents for :

Dm, GM2,Ich,MD, Osterochondrodysplasia,Osteogenisis, Sensory Neuropathy,,IvDD and Cddy

Put in your $1000.00 deposit to get on the waiting list today!

Litter 2: Penney and ?

penney on the sofa.jpeg

 Penney should be in heat soon. Penney is a 32lb curly goldendoodle. I have not decided who to breed her too but I am thinking I am gonna go smaller Like under 20lbs So if you are looking for a mini this would be the litter:) minis go preety fast so get on the list soon. some will be curly and some will be wavy! Both parents are health tested! pups will come with a two year health guarantee, microchipped, 1st shots, dew claws removed and vet checked. $4000.00 plus tax






Every Goldendoodle Puppy

      1. Comes with a two year Health Guarantee (see Our Philosophy page)

      2. Dewclaws are removed at a couple days old

      3. Vet checked

      4. Three rounds of deworming and 1-2 rounds of parasite control

      5. They are sent home with a snuggle puppy with moms scent on it         and it has a heart beat.

      6. Free 30 days of Pet Insurance

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