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Double Doodles Available!
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1. male puppy  available 25-40lbs wavy little to no shed super sweet and chill. 7.5 weeks old. Look big in this pics but they are tiny:)
1. " Panama Jack" Super sweet and loving. Great for a family with kids and other dogs. Male $4000 plus tax This boy is such a love it will be hard to see him go!


molly pup6.jpeg
molly pup.jpeg



Molly is out Riley and Copper. This is an amazing breeding I have kept back 4 dogs from this line

Molly is clear of all genetic tests per parebtage, She has OFA prelim fair hips and normal elbows. Eyes and heart OFA certified normal. .


Bear the labradoodle.jpg

Bear is an Austrailian Labradoodle with a -/- coat it is so soft and non-shedding. He weighs 30lbs but can throw larger pups. He has EVET excellent hips and normal elbows. Eyes certified normal.

Molly is a 42 lb Goldendoodle with a wavy coat. This will be her first litter. She has been bred to Bear who is an Austrailian Labradoodle. This litter will be Double Doodles. My last litter with Bear was amazing and soo calm. I cant wait to see these babies. Molly Had her puppies on 5/26/21. All puppies will be wavy and be between 25-40 lbs is our guess. Colors will be cream apricot or red.

 Puppies are here!!! This is a great litter if you are looking for a therapy dog. Super chill and sweet. So many calls from families dealing with anxiety and depression. A goldendoodle can bring lots of life and love into your home!
1 male available. Scroll down for  litter 2.

What will the pups look like? here are some picst to give you an idea!

Litter 2:   Goldendoodles F2B



Teddy is a 35lb phantom she has a -/- coat and is the softest Goldendoodle in my program. Teddy had 8 pups! She was bred to Whiskey the poodle. All pups will be wavy.She had 1 parti maybe 1 tuxedo. We have cream and apricots!Prices are $4000-$5000.00 based on color. They will be 30-45 lbs.

Born June 26th!

teddys babies.jpg

Teddys waiting list

1.  Glenda black and white female








1. Female sold Parti female



2. Grey Collar Male available $4300.00 plus tax

teddys grey male 1.jpeg
teddys grey male2.jpeg

3. Grey Collar Male available $4300.00 plus tax

light blue collar teddys.jpeg
light blue collar teddsy 2.jpeg

4. Pink Panda Female $4000.00 plus tax

pink panda teddy 2.jpeg

5. Purple Female $4000.00 plus tax

purple female teddyd.jpeg

6. Lime Green Collar Male $4000 plus tax

teddys lime green male.jpeg
teddys lime green male 2.jpeg

7. Hot Pink Female Collar $4300.00 plus tax

hot pink female teddys.jpeg

8. Plain Pink Female Collar $4000.00 plus tax

plain pink3.jpeg

Litter 3 Ivy to Cody

IVY has been bred to Cody pups would be 50-70 lbs is our guess she would be due 9/13 and pups would go home Nov 6th $3500 plus tax


Put in your $1000.00 deposit to get on the waiting list today!


Every Goldendoodle Puppy

      1. Comes with a two year Health Guarantee (see Our Philosophy page)

      2. Dewclaws are removed at a couple days old

      3. Vet checked

      4. Three rounds of deworming and 1-2 rounds of parasite control

      5. They are sent home with a snuggle puppy with moms scent on it         and it has a heart beat.

      6. Free 30 days of Pet Insurance

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